June 2016

watercolor and ink drawing of ruins park landscape
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 30 June 2016

This is the story of this drawing I have started to make at Santa Teresa (neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro). At the Ruins Park the same house always got my...

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presenter and guest at an arts tv show
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 27 June 2016

I have appeared on a local tv show here giving some tips about watercolor use. It was a new experience for me… and very improvised! Here’s the video (but is...

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girl and 3 dogs looking the street
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 23 June 2016

“Oops, what is there? Some people coming? Or is it a horse? ” It was nothing, little dogs! Hehehe All three dogs are very fond of looking through the green...

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little green character and science house watercolor gouache
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 20 June 2016

Today, I will write about the question that’s on my mind…  when I decided to move from academia to arts (and perhaps teach children now). It may be a surprise...

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warm colored flowers
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 16 June 2016

I have found very beautiful flowers around my grandmother’s house. I’ve decided to pick some of them and took some pictures to remember their warm colors in memory … This...

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details of an ink horse drawing
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 13 June 2016

This drawing is part of a series with animals created using colored pens and India ink (permanent and really dark). There were no sketches, only the brush and the ink...

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watercolor colonial reference house drawing
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 11 June 2016

That’s the house next door to my grandmother’s! It is in colonial style, with old roof tiles and wooden doors and windows. One day I woke up and wanted to...

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