About Bia Watanabe

girl and dog together and looking to the camera

Hello, my name is Beatriz Watanabe, but you can call me Bia. I was born in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil, in 1984. My father is Brazilian, my mother is Paraguayan, but all my family came from Japan. So I am a carioca (people born in Rio), speak Portuguese and know how to dance samba! I always liked to create things, stories, miniatures and drawings.

I am graduated in Visual Communication / Industrial Design from the Fine Arts School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), 2006. I have a master’s degree (2010) and PhD (2015) in Production Engineering from COPPE-UFRJ. Then, I am an artist with an interdisciplinaire background.
During this academic period, I had experience in tutoring for different kinds of students (from teenagers to adults). I have always been interested in education, images, and critical thinking.If you want to know more about this, you can access my LATTES resume (Brazilian academic resume).
Lately I decided to pause my academic path to a more artistic one. All my way until here helped me to construct a vision about what I can do with my art. I am sharing this experience through this site and other social/professional medias (like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest), that present more of my work.
If you want to talk about an idea or ask me something, you can send an email to oi@biawatanabe.com
Thank you very much for your visit!

Mission of Atelier Bia Watanabe

The mission of my Atelier, whether digital or real, is to use my artistic creations to connect with other people.
To promote friendship and cooperation values, even in the uncertainties of life.
To inspire through my small initiative education by the perspective of art and creativity.

If you have these values and connects with me,  let’s create a network! Small drops make a great river.

Keywords: Creation, Images, Stories, Collaboration, Education