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Hi, I am Bia Watanabe, a Brazilian artists who loves creations, colors, drawings and quilling.

This is a part of my colorful world of paper and inks.

Creation, Images, Stories, Collaboration, Education

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Quilling posts

Posted by Bia Watanabe | 24 November 2016

Some of my little creations with curled paper, the quilling! These are 3D creations. They serve as miniatures to ornate something or make little animations, for example. Where did I start? I started these kind of quillings by making plants and flowers. The pots of some plants are papers with 6mm width, all others papers have 3mm. Because...

rose flower miniature quilling
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 21 October 2016

Quilling allows you to creater 3d things using paper. They can be used for decoration, jewelry, ornaments. Here are some quillings pictures with my creations using  3mm wide strips of paper. Here are some little creations. The little rose (which is very small) is made of twisted  paper with 3mm width and then a drop...

details of a spring colors quilling
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 13 August 2016

While researching a cutting technique and paper collage, I found an advertisement about the quilling technique. So I decided to buy this book, starter kits, materials and watch videos. Quilling is a way to create images with the use of curled paper strips in different shapes. I started making miniature pieces of flowers, plates, cups...

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