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watercolor colonial reference house drawing
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 11 June 2016| Creating!, Graphic Diary, Watercolor

That’s the house next door to my grandmother’s! It is in colonial style, with old roof tiles and wooden doors and windows. One day I woke up and wanted to draw that house … So I stood in front of my theme with my watercolor notebook and made all the ink lines (many times I...

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studying colorful red yellow blue dogs
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 24 May 2016| Creating!, Tips, Watercolor

Here are some quick dog drawings I made. I do not know if you can notice but there are only three different dogs all the time! heheh I have changed a little their shapes and used one primary color for each kind of dog. Having only a few colors to work helps to give a...

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watercolor cat studies wip
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 23 May 2016| Creating!, References, Tips, Watercolor

I was studying last week how to draw cats. In fact, to be more precise, Ozzy, the cat of my cousin and her friend! I got some pictures of this fat kitten  to better understand his proportions, look, colors and fur. Semana dedicada ao Ozzy!! Estudando o gatinho da @clarafaulhaber @clara_watanabe Ozzy's week! #aquarela #art...

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cats, dogs, lizard and turtle together
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 24 April 2016| Creating!, Stories, Watercolor

Here is a drawing based on different animals I saw at my grandmother’s house: dogs, cats, lizard, turtle … I wondered how they could all be together in one image, being friendly and peaceful with each other. In real life, they don’t get along every time… usually there is some trouble! The black and white cat appears once in a...

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quilling details in purple and blue
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 24 April 2016| Creating!, Quilling

quilling image in purple and blue tones, referring to a night garden. Papers of 3mm wide were used in this creation by bia watanabe.

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watercolor and ink wood burning stove drawing
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 24 April 2016| Creating!, Graphic Diary

Drawing in watercolor and ink of an old wood stove. Kitchen, pots and firewood at my Grandma’s house 🙂

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my dog poses after destroying elizabethan collar
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 24 April 2016| Creating!, References, Watercolor

A photo of my dog, Little Bread, after some adventures. He made more mess to get rid of his Elizabethan collar!

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watercolor drawing realistic apple
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 23 April 2016| Creating!, Tips, Watercolor

One of the first drawings with watercolour, that I did when I returned to painting. Many details fit into a simple and beautiful apple.

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