Ruins Park, Santa Teresa

watercolor and ink drawing

Posted by Bia Watanabe | 30 de June de 2016 | Creating!, Graphic Diary, Watercolor
watercolor and ink drawing of ruins park landscape

This is the story of this drawing I have started to make at Santa Teresa (neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro). At the Ruins Park the same house always got my attention. In fact, the same roof with their doors, windows and small details that made me imagine many stories. I thought sometimes that I really wanted to draw that house and the landscape. Down here is a pic from that view:

landscape from ruins park, sugar loaf and many houses

Then, one day I  a Torchon piece of paper and I decided to use drawing that landscape.

In the next photo, you can see that everything just started with lines in pencil followed by ink. Gradually the landscape was sketched!

I tried to put some blue shadows in the trees with my waterbrush, but there was a little problem … Although the ink reservoir was blue, there was a trace of yellow ochre on the bristles (before that was the color I was using in that waterbrush). Aff … it turned my blue into a green color. But anyway, I decided to go green because it was just for a few markings.

sketch of ruins park landscape with lines in ink

The difficult about drawing on the street is that you are vulnerable to many things, including weather change! On that day, after about 40 minutes – 1 hour drawing, a strong wind came. Because of this, I added the clouds in the background!

Then it was time to leave the place, take an açaí and finished the drawing at home. 🙂

Gradually, I did all lines in ink. I thought I would find it a bit boring, but no! It was cool to see the emerging shapes, even having to make each tile of roof. After a while your hand is almost automatic.

ruins park landscape in ink lines

Then I started to paint every detail of the image with just a few colors (eight in the total). Below you can see the beginning of this process with the darkened trees.

ruins park landscape view ink and watercolor

The end result is what appears in the first photo of the post, already painted with small windows and little doors.

I think it was a nice learning process that began with cookies , paper, pencil and a beautiful landscape.


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