Creating a quilling paper garden

Quilling, curling paper

Posted by Bia Watanabe | 8 de July de 2016 | Creating!, Quilling
work in progress in a quilling creation

A peek in the assembly process of my quilling.

Above you can see my little strips  (3 mm wide paper), scissors, glue, tweezers and a tool for securing the paper so you can curl it. Basically, with few materials you can do quite a lot.

Paper strips comes in a color palette set or various shades of the same color. I prefer to buy in the sets, like the spring and summer ones. Just choose the strips and build a harmonious whole.

details of a piece of quilling

A little piece in quilling this image above. Nothing very complicated, it is a circle with a slight bending at one end.

In this other picture it’s the beginning of the assembly. It was the first time I tried to paste something on paper like this. 

flowers and butterfly in quilling
delicate quilling in pink and purple tones

With the placement and creation of several parts, gradually I got a more complex image. Each space is filled with little pieces that I imagined and pasted there. They can be tight circles, waves, large and small curled paper.

The collage is quite simple: a drop of glue here and there.

The cleaning in this work is essential. Be careful when handling parts, be aware of the cleaning of your hands and is good to have a cloth near you. It is very hard to erase a glue accident… so, prevention is the best way!

One difficulty that appears when digitalizing an image of this type is the shadow. It needs a lot of work to have the perfect light conditions to avoid dark spots. I’ve done tests with scanner and cameras, but have not found the point I consider effective and practical. I still need to make small corrections on computer programs that take a bit of time in such cases.

Speaking of software, it is very cool to play with colors and filters on Photoshop. It is possible to modify many many times an original creation and have other solutions for your artwork.


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