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Imagining a colorful and different world?

This here is where I create stories, sketch drawings and characters. Here also you can see my inspirations. =)

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watercolor diverse angles of a black dog
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 13 July 2016

The world is not made only of Bread (my dog), so here is his little sister! The dog called Whale. Whale is very different from her brother, that is more affectionate. She is suspicious, always arrives quietly and does not give much confidence to people. But she loves a  cuddle and is capable of running...

girl and 3 dogs looking the street
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 23 June 2016

"Oops, what is there? Some people coming? Or is it a horse? " It was nothing, little dogs! Hehehe All three dogs are very fond of looking through the green gate to see who goes, who comes ... if it is a car or the milk truck. Besides that, my dog has a special spot:...

warm colored flowers
Posted by Bia Watanabe | 16 June 2016

I have found very beautiful flowers around my grandmother's house. I've decided to pick some of them and took some pictures to remember their warm colors in memory ... This will serve as a future reference for new designs and inspirations (recommend to save your photos in the cloud. Google Photos service is very good,...

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